Programme in facts

Running projects: 0
Finalised projects: 90
Finalised & paid projects: 63
EUR committed: 215.0 mln
EUR paid out: 185.5 mln
Main project outputs: > 240
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Country specific information

Projects for “green” safe transport & clean environment

The representatives from eleven countries surrounding the Baltic Sea decided to financially support 8 transnational projects with 21.6 Mio EUR from the European Union's Baltic Sea Region Programme. 132 organisations from the area will be involved in joint activities.

The new projects in the Baltic Sea Region Programme are:

  • Bothnian Green Logistic Corridor (BGLC)
  • CHEMsea
  • Amber Coast Logistics (ACL)

 Please note that projects with an ENPI component are still subject to an internal consultation of the European Commission and a clarification of the ENPI budgets. Therefore, they can only be contracted once the results of the consultation and clarification with the Commission services, in particular DG DEVCO, are available.


published 08.06.2011